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  • ALLEN CARR’s cigarette

    One single cigarette might kill!


    However tolerant we might be about smoking, it is extremely harmful! Every dried narcotic leaf is made up of 3000 readily evaporating components: phenol, arsenic and ammonia! Tar is the result of combustion and is often responsible for cancer. It is not, however, the only harmful component! 

    Tobacco is harmful all the way! People quickly get used to it. Once addicted, they can no longer stop it.  Nicotine makes the smoker into a slave compelled to consume a cigarette at least two times an hour.  Thus the smoker believes he has satisfied his psychological need. Actually he has only responded to the summon of the interior devil in search for nicotine.

    To put things differently, the smoker can not break free from the harmful influence of this poison.  His act is best defined as a repetition-compulsion. He smokes because he can not help it.

    He is completely indifferent to the growing risk of cancer! Shortening his life span is not his immediate concern and he is heedless of the consequences of smoking. Yet s/he forgets a crucial misery closely related to it: pain.

    If the smoker has to live with a hole in the larynx, he only has himself to blame. He has brought on himself a misery and a suffering he can not name. Though people are constantly warned about the drawbacks of tobacco, 20 million people die every year because of it.  

    Allen Carris is the British man who made it possible for many people to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking.  He died at the age of 72 in his home in Malaga in Spain . His successful books have been translated in many languages and sell well because they make smokers think about the dreadful act of inhaling poison.

    The title of his book is « A simple method to get rid of the cigarette » and it has had a great influence on the consciousness of the smokers who eventually could resist the spell of Monster cigarette.  

    Allen Carr used to smoke100 cigarettes a day for 20 years and stopped. Yet he died of lung cancer. Why?

    Once tobacco integrates the body, it does not utterly leave it because the latter has a memory of its own and stores the harm done to it! To put it simply, every cigarette contributes, however little, to the forthcoming cancer. Storage reaches a limit one day and cancer manifests itself. Alas there is no going backward that day, the process of suffering and anxiety about one’s health has just begun.

    What is ironic about cancer is that it is unfair. Different people with different body constitutions may smoke the same number of cigarettes yet do not have the same pattern of reaction to tobacco’s poisonous components. Cancer befalls some before others depending on the body’s tolerance. The belated manifestation of cancer is no good news, however, because those people live with the fear that one day they will discover that they are left with a little time to live. There is simply NO ESCAPE!

    For fear of facing the problem of smoking, some people may find release and comfort in the following statement:

    « That man has been smoking for 30 years and playing saxophone all along.» This is the easiest  way out and brings but temporary and pseudo relief. People should rather think about the time and manner of delivering themselves of the chemical monster.

    If the smoker is ready to stop smoking, his weaning will be easy. He will breathe better, live better and escape the mishap he is ahead of namely lung cancer and heart attacks.

    The most important thing is to decide for good! On the spot ! The next cigarette may be fatal! Just a sound and timely decision may rescue you…

    and have enough desire to carry on living. The statistics in Norway are great since the number of smokers has been going down by 2% each year since 20 years. The situation is not that optimistic in Tunisia, Romania, Egypt and Argentina . People aged under 20 are the most threatened because the least conscious of the mishap of smoking.

    By the year 2030, the cigarette will unfortunately be the major cause of mortality, before AIDS, heart diseases and road accidents. 

    One single cigarette is able to kill and jeopardizes the life of your neighbour, whom you make into a passive smoker.

    Cheerio heavy smokers!

     Happy days, full of peace, tolerance and friendship to the body of CIGV club and to all our readers. Good luck for those who decide to get rid of their cigarette and preserve their health. Nothing is difficult if you set your heart to it!