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Terrorism, Culture and Cult

2015 reaching its end, the Great Traveller needs to express itself against terrorism in one big united voice throughout the world. He will have to think deeply about the origins of the latter as well as, its functioning within the frame of its universal motto: “Peace in the World”.

Modern life is, nowadays, in the centre of things. It is the expression of a renewal: modernity against traditions, the universal against the unique, the positive against mysticism.
We might be in a context were Eastern and Western lives seem to be opposed.
The Western society is the place where destiny acts like the universal answer, dominated by the object, the mastering of the self. Whereas the Eastern life would be the link that opposes the illumination to the universal answer, the letting go of the logo centric domination and the cult of the self (in the shadow of the law) to the mastering of the world and the things it withholds.

What would lead so many young people to gather themselves under a black flag and to kill, massacre other human beings, as if they remained stuck into some obscure era?
What motivate or drives these devilish killers? So proud to commit theses awfully barbarian acts?

When the stomach is empty, the head is even emptier.
Money drive and hope of another world, supposedly better, will make of lost and weakened youngsters, that are easy to manipulate and exploit, soldiers! Besides, the lack of instruction and culture, would be very often replaced by religion.
In that sense, a country that would know how to frame its own young population, by offering knowledge and jobs would be less likely to see its young population becoming soldiers of the devil! But this won’t be enough.
Households, schools and social environment should be the first rampart to this devious behaviour. An empty head and an empty stomach, who would feel rejected and left out by society would be literally swallowed by sects that offer them, supposedly, sacred illusions and misleading hopes.

The problem is even more complex. We are the witnesses of a 3rd WW between Sunni and Shia Muslims. The ones that want to protect the Saudi Wahhabism and those who want to defend the Iranian Shia are putting all their efforts to eradicate the other and win territory.

This crazy race that cherishes the aim to impose its religiosity or its conception of religion, is creating new deadly crusades leading to a dark future and to the emergence the 6th Caliphate of the Muslims brothers.
Even more. The religious issue is not solved yet. In the Arabic world, in which the citizen cannot separate himself from religion using freedom of speech. For the latter, it is still impossible to have a philosophical discussion about dogma, as western intellectuals would do. Simply by overlooking the universal thinking of its era.

Being impossible, currently, to debate on God, its Prophet or the Koran will undoubtedly have consequences on society. The community will name the one, that will dear starting a debate on the matter, as non-believer or as being western imposed.
Even more. Only creation and action would allow the eastern world to redefine itself with modernity and to engage itself into a necessary essential dialogue. According to professor Bassam TIBI, Mediterranean countries should be the shelter of such a cultural and civilization dialogue!

Facing the escalation of terrorism throughout the world, the globe is puzzled and starts to realize that the Hydra, the beast, is real. It carries various names which in the end are only one!

Be united to bomb the “Piovra” is good but definitely not sufficient
It is high time to come back to our senses, to sociology and to philosophy in order to understand what rushes these young Iraqi, Tunisian, French or Belgian people to disguise into Kamikazes. Wanting to leave this world just in the hope of a virtual paradise!
People living in the Suburbs, around the world, are very often rejected, compartmentalized and disliked. A little trip to prison will lead them to a new thinking; where their so-called inferiority will be shaped into a superiority by embracing a magical power: Death. Thus the « left-outs » mutate into Tarzan, Rambo or Gladiators. Killing becomes a social revenge. Such exaltation topped up by a very good salary offered by the Sect and sugar cut by a virtual dream of a seventh heaven and this “just” by committing suicide. This is exactly the reason why the Syrian conflict attracted 5000 young foreigners including 2000 Europeans!

The issue of weapons still needs to be tackled. Weapon traders might just be thinking of their national economy by supporting the so-called soft terrorists. However, this will inevitably lead to many shrouds.

Facing terrorism, It is now, the relevant countries’ responsibility to think deeply about how to reduce the gap that separates the elite from the popular crowd, to unify the population.

Facing terrorism, Isn’t it high time to find out the answers. Isn’t it high time to solve the worldwide unfairness. Indeed this seems to have become the reason why such awful murders are committed in the USA, in Tunisia or France?
Facing terrorism We have to be brave! Not for the purpose of taking on weapons and joining the army to eradicate the sect, but we need to be united to gather our strategic and military efforts. But above all, the social efforts needed to dig deeply into the issue, which is, in the end, the only valuable search for the causes of these barbarian acts!
We are entering a new era. Where no big truth exists anymore. However our sympathy towards others, towards the unhappy, the left outs, will highly diminish the number of soldiers of this sect.
The Great Russia is stepping in the core of the current tensed decisions to be made. Will this step be towards peace with the will to solve these issues ?
Culture, Work and sympathy will be our weapons, as always, to stay united, fight this killing Hydra and try to save humanity.
May 2016 be the year where the right decisions towards peace and union will be made.
Thus, We be will able to continue doing, what we consider as being the most beautiful thing in this world, going to its discovery!

Happy new year to all the readers of Astrolabe!

Rached Trimèche


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